Tabletop SEO

Tabletop and board games are critically underserved on the SEO front. It’s clear from posts on marketing sites and BoardGameGeek that designers are desperate for help and advice on how to market their games, and until now, designers have been expected to manage all their SEO on their own.

<span>Tabletop </span> SEO

How Game Brands Can Help

Let’s face it: you don’t want to navigate Google’s algorithm, or fight for the top spot on Kickstarter, or try to outdo everyone else on Amazon. You want to make board games and card games, and you want to sell them to interested customers.
But finding the interested customers is the problem. And that’s where Game Brands comes in.

When most people think of Search Engine Optimization, they think of Google. It’s the #1 search engine worldwide, so most of your customers are already looking there. But the rules for getting to the top of the Google results are strange and confusing, and learning them takes time away from your real work.

Game Brands keeps on top of every change to the Google algorithm, tells you what your website needs for the best user experience, and helps you create the content that will keep you relevant year after year.

59.3% of shoppers buy their board games from Amazon, meaning the majority of your audience is using Amazon to find their next tabletop experience. As a result, Amazon SEO can’t be ignored.

Game Brands can help you optimize your Amazon storefront to reach your specific demographic, find out what SEO keywords for board games are the best for reaching the front page of Amazon searches, and help you format everything to make sure you can turn prospects into customers.

41% of shoppers buy board games from Kickstarter, so it’s a platform that can’t be ignored. There are over 600,000 total Kickstarter projects, with nearly 3,000 live projects seeking crowdfunding as of February 2024. With so many new projects going live every day, how are you going to get your game noticed enough for funding?

Step 1, just like with Amazon, is to find the right target audience. Step 2 is to make frequent updates so that your Kickstarter project doesn’t get buried under the flood of notifications. Step 3? Link your Kickstarter to your website, and make sure the website is as optimized as your Kickstarter.

Why Choose Game Brands?

Game Brands isn’t just any SEO company. We are avid board and card gamers, with collections that fill entire walls. While other SEO companies might consider your company or product to be just another client, this is our passion, and we know exactly what it means to you and to your customers.

We have years of experience optimizing digital storefronts and helping designers find their audiences. We know your audience. We know your product.

Choose Game Brands for your Organic Marketing needs today. You won’t be sorry.